Solar Power

Do you know why Solar Power is such a success? Because the energy given off by the Sun in one hours time is greater then the energy used by the entire world in a year! Now that some power. Not only is Solar Power a great resource but it actually saves you money too. By the use of Solar Panels we are able to convert clean energy from the Sun into a useful resource in your home.

Solar Panels are durable, require little to no maintenance and are guaranteed to supply you with power for at least 25 years. Solar panels can be mounted anywhere from the roof to the ground and they even add to the value of your home or business. In many cases Solar Panels can offset a considerable amount of your current electric usage and pay for themselves in less then 10 years.

In Maryland and Pennsylvania where the incentives are high for customers to purchase Solar Power, the return on investment can be even better. Why not go to our free online evaluation tab and let Big D show you how to get the most out of Solar Power!


"Betsy, Our array continues to please us. With srecs we had a net  annual energy profit (electric and propane) of $1500 and I am estimating pay back by 2019. I have passed on your name to a number of people."
Bob Luers


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